domingo, 18 de janeiro de 2009

Pont de l'araignée

Há uns tempos fiz um poste sobre uma ponte magnifica na Suiça. Para relembrar, deixo aqui o link.

Pois é, descobri mais alguma coisa sobre a dita. Vejam este video onde se vê o pessoal a saltar.

Aqui fica um pouco da sua história. Fica em Inglês...

Due to his structure and cable wire system that maintains it as stable as a cobweb, the bridge was baptised the spider bridge.
Hanging from the elastic, bungee jumpers look out like a spider hanging from its own string.
That is why a beautiful spider painted by the artist Berthod can can be spotted on the cliff that over hangs the Navizence river.
The suspended bridge of Niouc was build in precarious conditions in 1922. His goal was to bring water to the hamlet Briey and allow its crossing by the inhabitants or goals, then for years after the bridge stayed shilt to public.

In 1996, about tweny volunteers worked hard to get this famous bridge renovated and improved.

After reflacing each wooden board, applying barrels of paint, controlling its staties, foundations, sensity and ancrage the bridge was opened up again to the public.

This bridge is suspended in the enpty at a height of 190 meters and is 190 meters long and 50 centimeters wide. It is sourrounded by imposing cliffs.

O sitio de onde foi tirada a história

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